5 Creative DIY Projects to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

The current COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for everyone. Many of us are self-isolating and working from home, and just as many have children who are online-learning during the school closures. And, while adults might find it easier to make the transition from work to home, the kids may be getting restless. What is a stay-at-home parent to do? There is only one answer – it’s time to create DIY projects to keep kids entertained at home.

Things to Consider While Keeping Kids Entertained During the Pandemic

The kids are out of school for an unspecified amount of time, and now it is your responsibility to keep them entertained at home. Of course, your children’s ages may range from pre-school to high school, so your DIY projects should be diverse enough to fire up the imagination of each age group. Therefore, it’s helpful to choose DIY projects that are fun, educational, and involve the whole family. To illustrate, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Build something to last: Give the kids something to enjoy after the project is complete.
  • Take advantage of beautiful weather: Keep the kids from getting restless as a result of cabin fever.
  • Turn the project into a game: Remember, your children are displaced too. Hence, the more fun you have with your DIY projects, the more relaxed they will become.

With warmer weather coming up, it might be nice to devise activities that kids can work on outside or enjoy in the yard later.

DIY Quarantine Projects for Kids

Rubber Band Car. Image Source: Figment Creative Labs

One of the secrets of keeping your kids entertained at home is choosing projects that challenge them but aren’t impossible to construct. You need to strike the right balance between keeping them from becoming bored and frustrated by too much complexity. Here are some creative DIY possibilities with materials you can find at Friel Lumber:

1. Rubber Band Car

The rubber band car is simple and geared towards younger children, but it also provides a lesson in engineering. With very few materials, your child can construct a car that actually rolls!

2. Cardboard Box Playhouse

The Cardboard Castle is easy, creative, and can be completed with a minimum of materials and fuss. With a few cardboard boxes of various sizes, children can make castles with as many rooms as they like.

3. The Bubble Blower Machine

Cardboard Box Playhouse. Image Source: Built By Kids

With just a few Styrofoam blocks and a pan of bubble solution, the bubble blower machine is perfect to take outside on a beautiful spring day. Create bubbles of all sizes and watch them float across the yard into space.

4. DIY Camping Tent

With a little fabric, some wood planks, and a stapler, the camping tent converts your backyard into a campsite. Go camping without leaving the house!

5. Wiffle Ball Cannon

The Wiffle ball cannon is a great way to get a little exercise and have some friendly competition among family members. All you need is a leaf blower and some PVC pipe to get started.

Friel Lumber Has the Materials You Need

While selecting a DIY project for the kids, it’s wise to rely on construction materials that are easily accessible. Luckily, all of the projects mentioned above are made with materials that can be readily sourced from Friel Lumber Company. So, visit Friel Lumber Company today for all of your DIY project and building needs.

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