At Friel, we carry VELUX Skylights due to their superior quality and energy efficient design. Skylights are a great way to allow natural light into your home and if well-placed can make any room seem bigger. They can also cut down on your need for electric lighting, therefore saving you money. They are perfect solutions to spaces that need privacy and are small, like bathrooms. You can choose from sun tunnels, roof windows, or more traditional ones.

velux skylight

From traditional skylights to retractable blinds, there are options for every room!

velux sun tunnel

Sun tunnels are an innovative way to bring natural light into any room.

velux roof windows

Roof windows are designed for lofts, finished attics, and more!

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    Why VELUX?

    With 75+ years in the industry, VELUX is a market leader in the manufacturing of skylights. That is why we carry this brand exclusively. They have many skylights and accessories to choose from, just ask us today!

    Best Places for Natural Light:

    • kitchens
    • bathrooms
    • bedrooms
    • living rooms
    • kid’s rooms
    • hallways
    • bonus rooms
    • finished attics
    • small spaces

    Allowing in natural light reduces your need for electricity. VELUX also has energy performance models. Ask us more about it today!

    What if you have a flat ceiling?

    If you have a vaulted roof with a flat ceiling, that isn’t an issue! You can still make room for skylights and bring more light into any space. Some people assume you can’t do that. Watch the video above to see how it is installed. If you have questions about this or any other related questions, contact us today.

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