4 DIY Woodworking Projects to Get You in the Fall Spirit

As the weather begins to chill and the holiday season is fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to get in the spirit of fall. And, to heck with store-bought Halloween and fall-inspired home decor. We know you would rather make them yourself (it’s more fun that way too). So, take a weekend with the family, head out to the garage, and get your hands dirty with some DIY woodworking projects. Here are four fun project ideas, all of which you can finish in the span of a “fan-less” football game.

1. Mini Wooden Wheelbarrow

Image Source: Pneumatic Addict

Is there anything cuter than an old fashioned wooden wheelbarrow? Well, maybe a basket of puppies, but regretfully we can’t help you there. With just a few materials, including a pre-made crate, put this mini wheelbarrow together in a single afternoon. It’s a great project to get the kids involved in, too, as well as an opportunity to teach them about tools and safety. This particular DIY project is done with pine wood, so it looks great unfinished. Or, you could always paint or stain it any number of fun colors. Even more, it’s sturdy enough to fill with real pumpkins or a beautiful assortment of mums flowers.

2. Rustic Wood Pumpkin Stand

Jazz up your front porch or entryway with a few rustic pumpkin wood stands! And, with just a few pieces of cedar fence pickets, wood, staples, wood glue, and a jigsaw, these adorable pumpkins come together easily. Once complete, fill the wooden box on the bottom of the stand with any number of items, from flowers or gourds to candy for trick or treaters. Plus, the addition of chalkboard paint on the front of the box serves as a great place to write fun seasonal messages. Some favorite fall messages include:

  • “Autumn leaves and pumpkins, please.”
  • “Happy fall, y’all”
  • “Hey pumpkin, come on in”

Image Source: Shanty 2 Chic

3. Fall Table Centerpiece

If you love a handy storage box or decorative holiday centerpiece, this fall table centerpiece project is perfect for you. And, with an estimated completion time of about an hour, it’s also the quickest and easiest on our list. Before you begin, make sure you have the following  essential tools and materials:

  • 2 Wooden Boards (1- 2x8x8 and 1- 1x6x8)
  • Wood saw
  • Wood glue
  • Finish nails

Also, optional items may include knobs and a wood stain should you choose to darken the wooden centerpiece. Once complete, fill the box with a few candles in mason jars and decorative gourds for a festive flair at the dining table.

4. Monogram Wooden Wreaths

Image Source: Reality Daydream

Customizable and beautiful, these monogrammed wooden wreaths can be hung anywhere in the home, inside or out. In particular, this project can even include your family’s initials inside a pumpkin or spiderweb design. However, you can get as creative and sophisticated as you like with the monogram. Of course, before you dive in, you’ll need a few supplies. For instance, a 1/2” plywood (18” square), an image of your monogram, a drill, and a jigsaw or scroll saw. Overall, with an estimated completion time of 2 hours, go ahead and tackle this project in one sitting!

Well, DIY’ers, we hope this list of woodworking projects gives you some new inspiration this fall season. Keep in mind that all of the projects mentioned above are made with tools and wood materials you can find at Friel Lumber Company. So, visit Friel today for all of your DIY projects and building needs. Happy fall, woodworking!


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