Did You Know Our Design Center Helps With These?

It is called the Kitchen and Bath Design Center, so we understand why one might think that is all we do. While we definitely specialize in both of those, that isn’t all we can do. Our experts have helped homeowners with a lot of custom projects. And, just like kitchens and bathrooms, no household is the same. Yes, houses can be similar but our lifestyles can vary from homeowner to homeowner. That is why we are happy to help with making the most out of your space. Here are some other projects our design center can help you with.

Entertainment Centers

Custom entertainment centers are always attractive to homeowners. So, if you eventually want to sell your home, this is a great option to invest in. Not only does it look great, but it adds awesome storage options. It also gives space for a lot of things. Your TV has a hookup. The books have a home. You can display photos, artifacts, and nicknacks that don’t typically have a place. Check out these beautiful built-ins.

Custom entertainment centers might seem like they are all similar, but there are so many different features you can get. While most come with a combination of open shelving and cabinets, you can still make it your own. From the style of cabinets to deciding on lighting options, there is so much you can do!

Custom Pantries

We aren’t talking in the kitchen, but a dedicated space or room off the kitchen. Not all kitchens come with pantry space or enough of it. Pantries can also be so much more than just food storage. This can aid in helping keep your kitchen clean and organized. It can also help you hide things (e.g. trash, large appliances, etc.). All in all, no matter your reason for wanting one, we can help you maximize your space. We can design a space with a mixture of cabinetry, countertops, and open shelving. Or, you can have shelving and drawers. Really, it’s the space and your needs that help decide where the design goes.

Built-in Nooks

Have a small space you just don’t know what to do with? Make it a reading nook, or an eat-in kitchen booth. It not only helps dedicate a space but helps you use all of it. With custom shelves, cabinets, and/or seating, you can get the most of your nooks. Here is an example of a kitchen seating area we custom-designed:

While, yes this is technical the kitchen, you can do this anywhere in your home. Reading nooks under staircases, or custom seating area in a bay window.

Laundry Rooms

It’s not all of our favorite chores but it is essential to our lives. Doing laundry can be a lot more fun in a space that isn’t so cluttered and a mess. It can also offer extra storage space for backstock, pet supplies, and more! therefore, utilizing your laundry room with custom storage doesn’t just make good sense, it might make doing laundry a lot more fun! Here is a before and after of a laundry room we designed for a homeowner:

As you can see, while it has great space, it was cluttered and didn’t have great storage. We worked with the homeowner to design a space that helped solve this. Here is the result:

Visit the Design Center Today

We have re-opened our Lumber Company Center and are working hard to keep our customers safe. You can schedule a visit by calling (410) 827-8811 and request to speak to one of our designers. Even if you still aren’t sure what you want to fill your space, we can help. What is listed above is just some of what we do. But, when it comes to home design, your imagination is the limit. Come in today to see how we can start making your house feel more like your home.


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