Handmade Door Decorations to Usher in a Happy Holidays

There is no denying this has been a crazy year. So, maybe you’re thinking about holiday decorating a little earlier this year to spark some joy around the house. And, maybe with budgets a little tighter, more time on our hands, or just something to distract the kids, you’re considering doing some DIY. Here are a few door decorations projects to add some fun to your front door.

1. Wooden Stocking Door Hanger

Wooden Stocking Hanger. Image: Erin Spain

Sure, you could just hang a plastic wreath on the front door and call it a day, but how satisfying is that? This adorable wooden stocking hanger is super easy to put together. And, with just a sheet of plywood, a pine board, and a few other supplies, you can have this one up in a few hours. Plus, it’s totally customizable. For the stocking, pick which color stripes speak to you or paint it all one color. Then, using chalkboard paint on the front of the box allows you to change what’s written on it whenever the mood hits you. You can also change out whatever is in the box. Maybe holly, Christmas balls, or sweet treats for Santa. 

2. Birch Branch Wreath

Finally, this earthy wreath looks wonderful on any style of home. Even more, it’s fairly inexpensive to make (around $10!). Hmmm…Christmas presents anyone? This unique wreath is made primarily from birch branches that are then cut into discs and glued to a cardboard ring. You will love the natural look of the birch wood, but you can also paint it whichever color you like. Not to mention, it’s easy to adjust the size of the wreath to fit any front door style. Just add a pretty bow to the bottom and you’re all set.

3. Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree. Image: Funky Interiors

Or, perhaps you want a decor piece that stands out more and has a rustic feel. Look no further. This wooden Christmas tree will be sure to make the neighbors jealous. Made from reclaimed wood, this tree looks great without any painting needed. Not to mention, you can personalize it with whatever festive objects you’ve got lying around the house. For instance, an old wheel and a string of sticks and pine cones and some greenery should do the trick. You could even drape some colored Christmas tree lights on the tree for a festive touch. This project may require a little more time, but the end product is worth the wait. 

Start Your Project at Friel Lumber

Bring cheer to your doors this season with colorful and clever holiday-inspired door decorations. We hope these DIY projects have you looking forward to the holidays and many more. So, grab your saws and get decorating! And, don’t forget to visit Friel Lumber Company for all of the tools, wood, and materials you will need for your projects. Cheers to you and yours for a Happy Holidays! 




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