5 Summer DIY Projects That Make You Feel Accomplished

Being quarantined and practicing social distancing has us all having a bit of cabin fever. And with warm weather right around the corner, we will want to be more active outside. To help with staying occupied and getting outside, we came up with a collection of summer DIY projects. These range from weekend warrior projects, to bigger undertakings. However, no matter what, all will make you feel accomplished when you are done. Here are some things to try this summer.

1. Custom Cornhole Boards

What’s the saying? “Crabcakes and football! That is what Maryland does!” Well as true as that is, we would argue cornhole boards are right up there with crabcakes and football. If you want to make some custom boards for your backyard, we love this visual tutorial. All in all, these are pretty easy to make with basic tools and materials. Once you have everything, you cut, construct, and play! Make your own house rules or play by the official rules. Fun fact: this was a game played, in various ways, over 600 years ago! Check out our last DIY project too, #5 would go nicely with some fun competition.

2. Make a Raised Garden

The best part about gardening is you can continue to see the fruits of your labor. Pun intended. With a couple of hours of work, you can make a raised garden. It’s a great project for the whole family to get involved in. We love this step-by-step guide that shows you all the tools and materials you need to get started. The benefits of gardening go way beyond just feeling accomplished. Even more, it is a great way to boost your mood and some studies show it helps fight dementia.

3. Install a Fire Pit

What better way to enjoy a summer night than beside a bonfire? There are so many different ways you can make one. You can make it simple, or go all out. It’s a great way to spend time with family all year long. We wrote an article on beautiful backyard fire pits last year. There is everything from ultra-modern to cozy comfy setups. Unless you are buying a pre-made pit, we recommend doing your research before you get started. Here is one simple fire pit that looks great and is easy to make.

4. Build a Picnic Table

Enjoy meals or play board games outside. Picnic tables give more entertainment space outside. We put together these steps to build a picnic table. At Friel, we have all the materials you need, too. It’s a great weekend project that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. You can also paint it any color you want. We love the idea of painting game boards on the top, too. Overall, no matter what you do, a picnic table is always a great addition to your yard.

5. Start an Outdoor Bar

It’s summertime so let’s bring the drinks outside. Our favorite tutorial can be found here. However, depending on where you want your bar, and your available space, you might want to go smaller. Think bar cart. This can go inside to outside easily. They are simple to make. Here are some great ideas for outdoor bar carts. Once you are done, you can enjoy it with a cheers!

What will you be doing this summer? Do you have summer DIY projects you want to try? We can help you! From our lumber yard to our fully stocked hardware store, we have the tools and materials you need. Not sure where to start? We can also help with that. Just ask our associates who are happy to help you. Here’s to a productive summer!

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