5 Trim Styles to Spruce Up Any Room

Sprucing up your home can be both fun and overwhelming. Whether you’re doing one room at a time or you have specific projects you’re working on, home improvement projects can take a lot of time and work. Luckily, there are several easy ways to spruce up your home, from adding a new coat of paint to changing trim styles. Here are a few creative ideas to help you choose the right trim style for your home.

Crown Molding

If you’re going for an elegant re-do, then the crown molding is suited for you. These items have a variety of shapes and styles. And, they cover the transition between the walls and the ceilings of your home. It also offers an intricate design that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any room.

Picture Rail Trim

This is a popular method of hanging photos throughout the home without damaging the walls with nails. The picture rail trim can be added to a variety of areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and formal dining areas. This trim style is typically combined with the crown molding. And, it is hung about seven to nine feet from the floor.

Cove Molding

While it may be less elegant than crown molding, cove molding serves the same purpose and is more decorative than simple trim styles. It can also be used on stairways and in the corners where walls and ceilings meet.

Chair Rail Trim Styles

The main use of this style of trim is to protect your walls from furniture damage. This works well in instances where your couch or chair may sit up against the wall. However, it can also be used as décor in breaking up the wall and allowing two different designs on each side. You can also choose wallpaper on one part of the wall and paint on the other. Or, you can paint the wall two different colors to bring in different accents to the area.

Egg and Dart

You’ll typically see this elegant molding option in a home where crown and chair rail trim styles are already being used. It is a style that was modeled after the ancient Greek décor and offers oval egg shapes that alternate between V-darts along the molding itself.

You’ll find a variety of trim style options for your home depending on the look and style you’re going for. You can add a touch of elegance or create a rustic look depending on the color pattern and design. Consider changing out the trim style when painting your room to add a new look and feel.


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