Alternative Interior Door Colors (Not Just Black & White)

When considering the décor of the home, homeowners often decide to go with neutral colors, especially when it comes to interior doors. Nearly every room has a door for privacy, be it the standard door or pocket doors. While black and white are common interior door colors, you can choose to be bold or unique and paint your doors a new color. This will give each room a new and exciting look.

Choosing a Color

If you decide to go with a new interior door color aside from black and white, what color should you choose? This can be a difficult decision since there are so many colors to choose from. Ask yourself a few questions first. Do you wish for the doors to stand out? Perhaps, you want to paint the entire door or just the panels a new color? Do you have an accent color throughout your home or in the particular room that you could use for the door color?

Tips for Picking the Perfect Color

There are many things to consider before going with a particular color for the interior doors in your home. You could start by considering your options and then painting one door to see how you like the color. One idea is to go with a slightly different neutral color, such as a light gray or light blue. This gives you a hint of color on the door without being overly dramatic. But if you are feeling dramatic, go with a bold choice and paint an interior door a bright coral or turquoise, or whatever color you like. Start with one door and consider painting each the same color for continuity. You could also go with a different color for every door for a unique approach.

The hardest part of this process is choosing the color. Grab a few sample swatches from your local paint store and head home to compare against wall color in every room. Once you narrow down your choices, you can try sample paints to see which color you like best. By painting just one door, you do a little work and then live with the choice for a bit to see what color you wish to go with permanently.

The great thing about paint is that you can change the color whenever you like. You are not stuck with the color you chose in the beginning. So, give repainting your interior doors a try. You may find that you choose the best color immediately that stands out. And, if you end up not liking the new color, you can revert back to the standard white or black doors or try a new color. The options are endless!

Use your imagination and take some time to discover your color preferences and how you can transform your home. You also may want to consider a stain rather than a paint. All in all, you may be surprised at how good you are at painting doors and choosing unique colors for your home!

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