7 DIY Projects You Can Make with Scrap Wood

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you know how rewarding working with wood materials can be. Like an artist transforms a blank canvas into a work of art, creating useful and beautiful items from wood feels like an accomplishment. But, when the job is finished, what do you do with the leftovers? The truth is, the possibilities are practically endless when it comes to DIY scrap wood projects. All you need is a little ingenuity, a few basic wood-working tools, and some project plans. Read on to discover a few new DIY projects below.

Simple DIY Scrap Wood Projects

1. Wooden Coasters

Match your one-of-a-kind wooden coasters with any decor using various stains or paint colors. Image Source: Danner

Everyone could use a handful of coasters to protect their fine furniture and coffee tables from unsightly marks. Fortunately, creating an attractive wooden coaster requires only minimal skills and very small pieces of scrap lumber. Even more, you can fabricate attractive coasters from any type of wood. Simply finish them to match any decor using various stains or paint colors.

2. Scrap Wood Cutting Board

Chefs and homeowners alike have plenty of opportunities to put a good cutting board to use. Of course, most kitchens benefit from having a selection of cutting boards of various shapes and sizes for different tasks. And, scrap wood is the perfect material for creating a basic, durable board. In fact, building a cutting board from a scrap piece of quality wood such as walnut can be done in an afternoon – or less. Once complete, use your custom-built cutting boards for serving snacks or offer them as thoughtful gifts.

3. Tea Light Candle Holders

A spare afternoon and a scrap piece of walnut wood is all you need to create a stunning, handmade cutting board. Image Source: Man Made

Speaking of attractive scrap wood plans that double as great gifts, why not create a handy candle holder for tea light candles? Start your project off by cutting the scrap wood to your desired size and shape. Then, cut an opening to hold the tea light using a hole saw. Finally, sand and finish your candle holder with a paint or stain.

4. Phone Charging Station

Who doesn’t have a smartphone that needs charging every day? Phone charging stations are commercially available for nearly every phone, but they aren’t always affordable. Luckily, with very little time and some scrap wood, you can build a lovely little phone charger custom-made for your device. All you need is a scrap 2×4 and maybe 15-20 minutes.

DIY Projects for Advanced DIY-ers

Do you have a little more confidence in your woodworking skills and a larger tools selection to match? If so, there are more challenging DIY projects you can attempt with that scrap wood. Check them out below.

5. Plywood Candle Holder Pillars

Add some rustic appeal to your home’s decor with a couple of DIY plywood tea light candle holders. Image Source: Jen Woodhouse

Using a hole saw, cut out “cookies”, or small circular pieces of plywood, and stack them together to create some very attractive tea light candle holders. This is, of course, a little more challenging than the ‘simple’ DIY candle holders project mentioned above. However, this advanced project features a one-of-a-kind candle arrangement that’s also customizable to your preferred height.

6. Multi-Colored Cutting Board

If you have multiple types of scrap wood lying around, consider using them to craft a multi-colored cutting board. This project calls for fabrication by cutting different sized pieces of multi-colored wood and sealing them together with a waterproof, kitchen-friendly glue. Altogether, the finishing on the cutting board creates an impressive piece for your kitchen. Besides, the wider the variety of colors and wood types you have available, the more attractive the results will be.

7. Wooden Sofa Sleeve with Cup Holder

Add convenience to your lounging with this sofa sleeve custom-built for your favorite chair. Using some scrap wood and a little time, you can create a custom furniture sleeve that holds all of your favorite beverages securely. Also, you may add your own touches to accommodate remote controls, smartphone holder, and more. The only limit is your imagination!

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