Top 10 Tools for Every Homeowner

You don’t have to be a professionally-trained handyman to maintain your residence. Between minor cosmetic projects and daily maintenance, having the right tools on hand can help you stop sweating the small stuff. Sure, while there are some tasks better left to the professionals, every homeowner should be prepared for the tasks of everyday repairs or even the occasional DIY project. That said, here are 10 essential tools that every homeowner should have in their toolbox, no matter the skill level.

1. Hammer

AKA: The cornerstone must-have tool for every homeowner. Use this essential tool to secure and hang art and decor, as well as extract nails from wooden surfaces. But, while most standard hammers should do the trick, try to look for a style that has a comfortable grip, so it doesn’t slip out of your hand while in use.

2. Screwdriver Set

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A Philips head and a flat head screwdriver are basically all you need for the majority of your home projects. The most common household usage for a Phillips head? Removing and installing electrical outlets and cover plates, assembling furniture, and tightening cabinet knobs to start.

Moreover, if you have to choose just one flat head screwdriver, pick a medium blade; it will suit most projects. However, keep in mind that you’ll probably need a variety of blade tips and sizes. So, instead of just the two basics, invest in a good-quality mixed set.

3. Utility Knife

More than the basic box knife, a utility knife can be used for cutting just about any object or material. Keep a good utility knife on hand, not only for opening cardboard boxes but cutting away excess pieces of carpeting and electrical tape, scraping away paint on the windows, and more.

4. Wrench Set

If nothing else, make sure you have an Allen wrench to tighten hex-head screws, which are often found on ceiling fans, light fixtures, and appliances. Of course, just like your screwdrivers, having just one isn’t exactly beneficial to you in the long term. So, you’ll want to invest in a good-quality mixed set that covers a variety of different sizes.

5. Set of Pliers

Just like your wrench and screwdrivers, it’s wise to invest in a nice set of pliers as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes – each with their own perks. This tool is most often used for plumbing work and extracting stubborn screws, nuts, and bolts and. Or, for bending or cutting metal (depending on the project at hand).

6. Flashlight

Dark corners? No electricity? You’ll want a flashlight on hand – or two. Especially during improvement work that involves a lot of dark places, from attics and basements to wall and ceiling cavities. Invest in a few hand flashlights (and a headlamp) to have within arm’s reach for any occasion when you may need a little extra light.

7. Drill and Drill Bits

A high-quality, cordless drill is one tool necessity that all homeowners should invest in. And, this is especially true if you lack a variety of screwdrivers to help complete projects around the home. No matter the project, using a battery-powered drill means you don’t have to deal with power outlets or snaking a cord into hard-to-reach spaces. However, having a good drill means nothing if you don’t invest in a nice-quality set of drill bits.

8. Measuring Tape

Measure twice, cut once – that’s what Grandpa always said. Standard measuring tapes can be used for all kinds of household tasks including the following:

  • Setting heights for hanging home décor, mirrors, and wall TV’s
  • Measuring thickness and length of wood pieces
  • Centering lighting fixture boxes
  • Measuring the wall area for a paint project
  • Marking surfaces for cutouts

9. Level

If you want your projects to line up perfectly, a small level, such as a torpedo level that fits easily in a tool pouch, should do the trick. From DIY crafts to hanging kitchen cabinets – a level should be a part of every homeowner’s standard toolkit.

10. Duct Tape

Given its versatility in a variety of repairs and projects, every home should have a spare roll of duct tape in the garage. From contractors to crafters, use super-sticky duct tape to repair cracked window siding, electrical cords,  and so much more.

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