5 Weekend Wood Projects

At Friel Lumber, our ideal weekend always involves sawdust and wood stain. Now that summer’s here to stay, take advantage of this warm weather and get all your projects done. Whether you’re a master craftsman or just getting your toes wet, it’s time to break out the nails and sandpaper. Whatever weekend wood projects are on your to-do list this summer, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top five summer projects, then stop in to pick up all the lumber you might need.

1. Storage Shed

Every home needs a shed. Why not build your own this weekend? While this project is a little more involved than others, you don’t have to be an expert carpenter. As long as you have the plans, the materials, and the tools, you should be able to finish it up by Sunday. Friel Lumber can help you with the designs to make sure you have what you need. We can also supply high-quality lumber cut to the exact size to help you save time and stress.

2. Custom-Built Swing Set

A swing set is something your kids can enjoy for years to come. Even better, a well-built, custom set can withstand decades of play. When the store doesn’t have what you want, take matters into your own hands. Building your own gives you the freedom to choose high-quality materials, so you know it’s safe and sturdy. You’ll also get to pick the size and the features, like swings, slides, sandboxes, monkey bars and more.

3. DIY Cornhole Boards

Gearing up for a cornhole tournament? It’s Maryland; of course, you are. Instead of cookie-cutter boards from the store, build your own. It doesn’t take long and you get to customize the set with your own design. To begin, you’ll just need a couple of pieces of plywood for the surface, plus wood for the frame and legs. A few screws and bolts and a coat of paint later, you’ll have a DIY regulation cornhole set that helps you sweep the competition.

4. New Picnic Table

As far as weekend wood projects go, picnic tables are one of our favorites. They get a lot of use and help make the backyard more livable. Plus, everyone loves the look of natural wood furniture. Whether your table is standard, oversize, mini or round, Friel Lumber can help you bring it to life. Our wood is treated to protect against the elements and keep your finished project looking great long after it’s built.

5. Kids’ Tree House

If you have kids, make them the ultimate summer hangout: a tree house. The possibilities are endless when it comes to tree houses. If you can conceive it, you can build it. It might even be fun to get the kids involved to help you with building and painting.

Visit Your Local Lumber Yard

Based in Queenstown, Friel Lumber is your one-stop shop for all your weekend wood projects. Stop by to pick up all the wood you need today. Wondering if we have something specific? Give us a call at 410-827-8811 and we’ll check for you. We can also deliver the lumber right to your house this weekend so that you can start working right away.

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