Absolutely Beautiful Backyards You Need to See

There is something everyone can love about Maryland, and not just our awesome state flag. What we are talking about is the four seasons we experience throughout the state. It is also why we take our backyards pretty serious. Often times these are the center of where our family plays, our friends converse, and we enjoy our lives. That is why we commonly get asked for ideas when it comes to backyard layout, design, and materials. From small to large, modern to eclectic, here are some absolutely beautiful backyards to check out.

1. The Secret Garden


How serene is this backyard garden? Full of perennials, this townhouse makes the most of the small backyard. Using tiered space can help give the illusion of a grander garden. Also, we love the use of fence lattice and plants. Great way to have privacy but not block your visual space. This would be the perfect getaway at the end of a busy day!

2. Ultimate Entertainment

This backyard is made to have fun. This is the ultimate backyard equipped with an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven, and a fire pit. With green all around and earth tone stones, this really gives a great vibe. What we love the most is that it’s to be enjoyed with others. Happy hour, dinner, twilight bonfire? This can do it all.

3. An Oasis

Let’s get our zen on. This space is tranquil and stunning. We love the deck and use of space. The overall design could be used in small to large backyards too. And the mixture of potted plants and garden grasses really makes you feel in the woods. Cue the chirping birds and we are ready to relax in this backyard.

4. Nightly Bonfires

Some times simple is just what you need. This backyard is lovely and inviting. If you can’t afford it all, a simple fire pit will do. Grab your chairs, invite your friends. It looks like we are coming to hang out here. The only thing missing? Some corn hole boards, of course.

5. Small & Bold

Some of us don’t have backyards per se. That is fine too! This back patio design has all the elements of a great backyard space. It has gorgeous greenery, comfy seating, and looks inviting. We especially love the plant wall and use of vertical space. Let’s grab the guitar and have a jam session in this beautiful backyard.

6. Make a Splash

We are getting our bathing suit and towel to move into this backyard. This modern and elegant space makes you want to sunbathe and read a book. Or have a dinner party… Or a pool party… Really it is versatile so you can do all of it! The patio, deck, pool combo is a hit on our list.

7. Hidden Hideaway

This English inspired backyard garden is fantastic. From the old cobblestone look to flowers everywhere, its a visually striking space. It also shows, again, that not all great backyards need to be big. Or for that matter, super organized. The way this was designed is almost as if it was found this way. Tea anyone?

8. Simple and Modern

Think outside the box when you have small spaces. Not all backyards need to be green. Also, not all homes have backyards. We love this terrace because it shows how you can still make a small space work for entertaining. The dramatic and bold colors make it modern. Yet we love the simple and elegant design.

9. Family Friendly

Last, but not least, this gazebo is a perfect addition to any backyard. Our favorite part? You can watch the kids play and also have an adult space. The covered roof still allows in light and still protects you from the sun and potential showers. It would also make a great late-night place for friends and family to hang out with strung lights.

Looking to spice up your backyard? Friel Lumber has all the materials you need to build backyard decks, patios, and this lovely gazebo. Stop on by to get started today on your beautiful backyard!

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