Let the Sunshine in With VELUX Skylights

There are countless benefits to adding skylights to your home. They serve as a source of natural light, provide warmth and bring in the fresh air. And, of course, they are simply beautiful in design. But for many, it can be difficult to navigate the options for skylight materials. Here’s a look at the VELUX skylights we offer at Friel Lumber.

What is VELUX?

For over 75 years, VELUX has been producing skylights that are built to last. Made in the United States, the brand sources 99.5% of its wood from certified, sustainable forests. And, its manufacturing process ensures that each comes with all of the necessary parts your general contractor, builder or roofer will need for the project.

There are many advantages to choosing VELUX skylights. For one, they prevent leaks thanks to three levels of defense from the elements, including a deck seal and step flashing. They are also trusted internationally in over 40 countries and are suitable in any room of the home.

Classic Options

VELUX Fixed Skylights. Image Source: VELUX

When you stop into Friel Lumber, you’ll find a lineup of traditional skylights by VELUX. For instance, VELUX Fixed Skylights are a popular choice thanks to their seamless integration into any room. They appear as square cutouts in the ceiling, bringing sunshine into just about any space.

On the other hand, if you’re also looking to let fresh air flow into the home, VELUX Manual, Electric or Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights are the perfect option. They open to allow ventilation through the skylight and maintain the ideal balance of moisture in your home by releasing stale, humid air outside.

Roof Windows

Roof windows from VELUX provide another chance to bring natural light into your home. Depending on your use, these skylights vary from a large window embedded into your roof to the addition of a small balcony to the top of your home. There are four types of VELUX Roof Windows available at Friel Lumber, including:

VELUX Sun Tunnels. Image Source: VELUX

Sun Tunnels

Skylights are called sun tunnels when they feature a circular shape akin to a tube. Ideal for both flat and pitched roofs, sun tunnels are often used to bring daylight into staircases, hallways and more. VELUX Sun Tunnels are also the perfect alternative for any roof that cannot support a roof window.

Go Solar Initiative

With the purchase of all solar-powered VELUX skylights, you qualify for a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit on the total cost of your products. VELUX added the Go Solar Initiative in April 2019 as another benefit for its clients. It also serves as a thank you for using an eco-friendly option to bring light into your home.

Products for Your Dream Skylights

No matter which VELUX skylights you choose for your home, you can find everything your contractor needs to complete your project at Friel Lumber. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products and invite you to contact us today for more information.

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