DIY Home Remodel Pros and Cons

Have you recently decided to do some home remodeling? That beautiful new living space may seem like it’s just around the corner, but you’ve got some decisions to make first. Like for starters, will you be hiring professionals or doing a DIY home remodel? Of course, both have pros and cons, which only makes deciding which one to go with all of the more difficult. Luckily for you, we’ve created this list of the pros and cons of a DIY home remodel. We hope it makes your decision a bit easier, and whatever option you go with, we hope you’re more than happy with the results.

DIY Home Remodel Pros

Let’s start with all of the good stuff. Below are the most significant upsides to choosing a DIY home remodel. Before you get too excited, remember that there are downsides, and they’re waiting further into this article:

It’s Cheaper

Easily the best part of doing the work yourself is that you’ll save on labor costs. When you do it yourself, you really are only taking on the material costs. Of course, it does take your time, but for many, the cost savings is worth it. Of course, there are plenty of ways to cut renovation costs, even if you decide to go with a contractor. But if you’re looking for the most cost-effective way to transform your home, DIY is the way to go.

It Offers Greater Control

Putting the fate of your home’s appearance in someone else’s hands can be scary. Professional companies also have more jobs to consider, and your’s isn’t the only one. This can lead to scheduling issues, delays, or even miscommunication. There is always an element of trust needed when you hire someone else. However, DIY home remodel means doing things completely your way.

It’s More Fulfilling

All of the experience you can gain from a DIY home remodel can be invaluable. The sense of gratification from doing it yourself can make you love your home’s new look even more. Next time some other project pops up, you’ve got plenty of experience to apply. Sure, it’s way more work, but that only makes it all of the more fulfilling.

DIY Home Remodel Cons

You knew this part was coming. DIY home remodeling no doubt has its fair share of downsides. It’s important to consider them carefully before your hammer meets any nails. We’ve listed a few of the bigger ones below:

It Can Be Dangerous

This con is not one to take lightly. Remodeling can involve heavy objects, sharp things, electricity, fire hazards, toxins, etc. Lack of experience can increase the potential for danger significantly. If you’re not willing to take great care to learn about what you’re doing, you should probably call in a professional. Even they will tell you some stories of the perils of home remodeling.

You Can Easily Make a Mistake

Have you ever built something like IKEA furniture before? When you did, did you wind up having to disassemble things and start over because of something you’d missed? Doing that with a home remodel is a whole different ball game. You do not want to realize something’s amiss well after the damage has been done. Unfortunately, that can easily happen if you’re not extremely careful to avoid common renovation mistakes.

You May Not Save Money

If you were to do the job without a hitch, there’s no doubt you’d save a ton of cash. However, there’s a point where enough small mistakes can add up, which means the costs will, too. So you may end up paying more than you would have with a contractor just because you’re making up for your errors. That can defeat most of the purpose of your DIY home remodel.

Doing Some Home Remodeling?

No matter what you choose, Friel Lumber Company can help. If you want to take it on yourself, we have a hardware store and lumber yard that can help you get the materials you need for any job. Wanting to hire a contractor? We work with them too! Our design team at our Friel Lumber Company Center works with homeowners and contractors alike. With design, materials, and more! Contact us today or stop by one of our locations.

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