Top 5 Home Improvement Projects To Do Before the Holidays

If you own a home, your list of home improvement projects is never-ending. Each time you cross an item off, it seems that two more replace it. However, there are likely a few items that take precedence when it comes to holidays and home improvement. You want your home to feel fresh and inviting for guests but also exude the warmth of the holiday season. In addition, you need to make certain areas of your home ready to receive extra people. Here are five home improvement projects that will make this holiday season even better than the last.

1. Paint Your Guest Room

One of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable ways to update the look of your home is by painting the walls. The best part is you can do it room-by-room, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Pick up the supplies you need from your local hardware store, and in most cases, you can finish a room in a weekend, or even a day, depending on size and how quickly the paint dries.

For guest rooms, consider going with a soft, warm neutral, like a modern greige (gray + beige) that makes guests feel cozy. Then, of course, you can always accent holiday colors that you can swap out when seasons change.

2. Cabinet Refresh

Regarding holidays and home improvement, kitchen and bathroom cabinets may not be high on your list, but an update may be in order. It’s the most highly trafficked area during this season. While you could go all out and install new cabinetry and counters, you can skip the demo in favor of a fresh coat of paint or refacing (i.e., replacing cabinet doors only). Bright white cabinets are always in style, while gray or colored cabinetry is currently all the rage.

3. Update Light Fixtures

Lighting is extra important during the winter when daylight dwindles and skies are overcast. If outdated overhead lights and lamps are your only sources of interior illumination, now is the time to check lighting off your list of home improvement projects. First, ensure you have functional lighting, including task and overhead lights.

If rooms feature builder-grade dome lights, consider updating to dimmable recessed lighting or installing a light fixture with more personality. Layering in different ambient and overhead lighting with sconces and pendants elevates the overall aesthetic.

4. Create a Functional Entry

The winter season demands extra layers of clothing, and jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, and boots can quickly clutter your entry, especially when hosting family and friends. Your holiday and home improvement plan should include different organization around exterior doors. Make the most of your mudroom with plenty of storage solutions, or clear out the hall closet to create space for bulky coats, boots, and other items. If you don’t have either option, install a series of hooks and cubbies at your front door for quick storage, or get a hall tree.

5. Ramp Up Holidays and Home Improvement with a Fireplace

Few home improvement projects add more holiday appeal than a crackling fireplace. If your stone or brick is dark and outdated, consider a coat of paint to make it the bright focal point of the room, or reface it with modern materials. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider installing a zero-clearance fireplace on an existing wall. Or you could build a frame for a gas or electric firebox, complete with a hearth, fireplace surround, mantel, and overmantel.

Use Our Hardware Store & Lumber Yard for Your Home Improvement Projects

There are plenty of ways to get your home up to snuff for holiday visitors, especially with help from trusted hardware and design professionals like the Friel Lumber Company team. Contact us today to learn more about versatile home upgrade solutions.

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