5 Front Door Color Inspirations

If you are looking for ways to add value to your home, a simple adjustment to the color of your front door may do the trick. The color of your front door says a lot about your style in addition to your personality. For fun and vibrant colors, you can choose bright, bold reds. Or, you can go with a cool shade of blue that is inviting and soft. Even more, show your love for the green outdoors through your home’s front door color. You can quickly change the style of your home with a can of paint and just a few hours. Your exciting color choice will be the envy of your neighborhood. Which color is perfect for you and your home?

Bold Red

The color red is believed to attract prosperity and abundance.

The bold color of red brings several images to mind, such as the American flag, Coca-Cola, a country-style picnic gingham blanket, and many other American designs. A bold red color is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to be recognized as the best barbeque house on the block. Considering this, the color looks best when it’s placed against a sharp white.

Vivid Vermillion

A front door with a dramatic, complicated color like bright vermillion allows you to emphasize your home. Vermillion is not precisely red, and it is not exactly orange. The color is somewhere between the two. Continue to express your glamour and dress-up the rest of your front door by placing unique items such as plant-holders filled with agave plants.

Cool Blue

The color blue is known to represent depth, stability, and tranquility.

A perfect blue, such as the color of your favorite blue jeans, will give any home a warm welcoming. Just as your favorite blue jeans go well with anything and everything, the perfect shade of blue will too. Choose a lovely shade of blue on your white shingled house, a distinguished Tudor, or even on a log cabin. To ensure your door is lively, it is essential to choose a finish that has some shine.

Bright White

A new coat of your favorite shade of white has an uplifting effect – one that never gets old! A shade of white works well to lighten up a dark exterior or to neutralize a front door that has intricate carving. If you are considering an exterior palette of white-on-white, select a white that is slightly deeper for the exterior door than your choice for your home’s shingles. This tip will ensure that there is some dimension to the door.

Classic Black

The color black is believed to represent power, elegance, and mystery.

A classic black colored front door adds an instant distinct characteristic to any home. This is true no matter if it is a tiny cottage or a large estate. Also, darker shades of paint will work in more than one way. For a romantic, moody tone use a shade of dark gray or go for a crisp look by offsetting the dark color with an abundant amount of white trim.

So, what color should your front door be? Take this quiz to find out.

While you are busy painting and choosing a front door color, consider painting the interior doors as well. While black and white are common interior door colors, you can get creative and paint your doors a unique color. Read our tips for choosing an alternative interior door color here.

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