How to Create Fun and Easy DIY Halloween Decor

The in-between seasons are well celebrated in Maryland. Fall is a great time for weather. Crisp breezes and bonfires. Not to mention, it’s the start of the holiday season. Nothing quite marks it off like Halloween. Now is the perfect time to work on some easy DIY Halloween decor. From outdoor signs to interior options, there are so many ways you can get creative. Here are some great DIY decor ideas for the spooky holiday.

A fun way to celebrate the holiday! Source: Pinterest

Porch Halloween Decor

The front of your home is prime real estate for Halloween decor. With trick or treaters coming, you can put your Halloween spirit on display. You can start simple with a saying or make it bigger. Here are a couple of our favorites:

1. Classic Reference

We love this throwback to this classic Halloween movie. Do you really love Halloween if you don’t know the Sanderson Sisters? This sign is simple. You can make it out of any type of wood, especially if it is leftover materials from a fence or deck project. All you need is some nails, paint, and a little artistic touch. Then poof! You have some Hocus Pocus on your front porch.

2. Two-Sided Signs

Another spooky idea is to get double the use out of your porch decor! We love these stacked pumpkins turned snowman idea. You can also scale this as large or small that you want. The beauty of it also is, that the pumpkins can stick around all fall.

Spooky Window Fun

See how this is done here.

The best part of this is that all you need is creativity and some black construction paper! You can create entire scenes or just get spooky. Here is an easy step by step guide on how to display them. Some other ideas you can try:

  • add fake cobwebs and spiders
  • hang purple lights around the outside of the windows
  • use faux-blood and leave hand-prints on the glass
  • use scrab wood to board up a window to make it look haunted
  • hand bat cut-outs from the frames

Some of these are more kid-friendly than others. So, keep in mind your audience. If you are going for ultimate spooky, do them all! If you are trying to keep it low key and not so scary, think about using more friendly monsters or cartoonish characters.

Yard Decor

This is where we separate the amateurs from those who go all out on Halloween. Now there are a ton of ideas, but to keep it simple and fun, here is our ultimate suggestion: make your yard into a graveyard.

Pro tip: Try using spray paint to give your tombstones more realistic and concrete looks!

Seriously, this can be as scary as you want or funny. If you want to go scary, get a realistic skeleton and have bones coming out in front of the tombstones. Take it even further with a fog machine and some eerie music. Really sets the spooky mood.

If you rather keep it friendly and funny, you can still accomplish this. Build tombstones out of scrap wood or palettes. Then paint funny sayings. These made us laugh:

  • Here lies the body of Lester Moore
    Three slugs from a forty-four
    No Les, no more
  • Here at rest lies Cowboy Joe
    Grabbed the bull by the horns
    But forgot to let go
  • Wherever you be
    Let your wind go free
    For holding it in
    Was the death of me!

With these ideas, you can easily get started on a fun and exciting DIY Halloween decor projects. Once finished, you can admire your work and reuse your new Halloween decorations year after year. Stop by our hardware store and lumber yard for any materials you might need to get started.

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